More than 25 Years of Experience in Steel Constructions

Tecno Art is oriented towards the Street View and makes high value design structures with a lot of attention to the finishing touch.


What we do for You

We produce high quality metal constructions.

Design Shelters

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Custom Made

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Street Furniture

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Quality is an art … A Tecno Art!

Our high quality level of products is your best warranty for a trustfull partnership.


Target Customer Groups

From Architects to Governments

Architects and Engineering Offices

For private or public real estate projects, the designs of Tecno Art may inspire you. For specific executions we can be your partner within our domain of specialisation to think along with you on possible architectures, formfactors, feasability studies ...


During the execution of your projects, very often shelters, abris, bike-sheds or other street furniture need to be integrated. Tecno Art can support contractors in the offer-phase as well as during the execution phase. We are committed to deliver beautiful robust and sustainable solutions on which all parties involved can be proud.


Schools often need bike sheds or structures to cover playing grounds to protect the children against all weather conditions (rain, snow, UV,..) Tecno Art can support schools to work out the perfect structures with a focus on ergonomical and aesthetical needs, within your budget. Thanks to our certification EN1090, we comply to all required norms resulting in a CE-certificate.


Many cities and communities have relied on Tecno Art abris, bike-sheds and street furniture to give a contemporary appearance to their streets, squares and parks. Besides our standard solutions, we are available to work out tailor made solutions to contribute to the specific image quality wishes in your projects.

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